TikiBus Hourly Charters

Best Choice

$125.00/ hour + GST

A bus charter is pretty much your best choice to move a large group around Tofino

(reasonable cost per seat/hour when filling all 20 passenger seats)

Ideal for-

Wedding Shuttle
Community Events
Private Functions
Private Tours
Day Trips



Better Choice

$449.99/ + GST

Your 4 hour commitment gets you a 10% savings over our hourly rate

Day Rate

Best Choice if you want the bus for your entire event

$799.99/ + GST

When you commit to the whole 8 hour day a 20% savings over the hourly rate is our way of saying thank you.

You Are your Tofino dates set in in stone?

There is no such thing as a “wedding charter”. Yes, it is a Charter and yes, it is your wedding but we’re not going to charge you extra because it’s a wedding because we do not think that would be cool. I do have the people moving experience here around Tofino (been doing it for a long time around here) and have an opinion to share if needed about how I think I’m best used for your money. The real question is – What do you need done by TikiBus? Need me for the whole day? Transfers between venues between ceremony and reception? Safe ride home at the end of the evening? It’s your event and it is nice to know that everyone will be taken care and returned to their accommodations so you can just go off and be newlyweds. We do have a 2 hour minimum charge between the May Long Weekend and Canadian Thanksgiving and we do require a 50% deposit for us to “Save the Date” on this end.

TikiBus Time-Lapse

Charter from Tofino to Ucluelet (or vice versa)

We do not go to Ucluelet on a scheduled run, but we can take you there.

$185.00 / One Way

$185 + GST one way trip in either direction

20 seats for less than the price of 2 taxis from Tofino to Ucluelet

(Just kidding… everyone in Tofino knows that you can’t get 2 taxis at the same time)

Want to do a Ucluelet round-trip and not a one way trip? Waiting time $75 per hour.