Spring Shuttle?

February is coming to an end and that mean the whales will be back soon and increasing tourist numbers as well. How are you, your guests, and your staff currently getting in and out of town? Are you interested in having some shuttle services a few runs per week? Maybe a couple of days per week where you would like multiple runs? I’m hoping you are. I’m hoping a few of you are because that could be really good for trying to build a more year-round scheduled transit service for .

Sure your resort already has a shuttle van of their own now, great, use it. What I am suggesting is a scheduled bus run that can run frequently enough that most of the cars coming into town are cars which belong downtown.

Who is going to pay for this? Up until now it’s been me trying to convince individuals to pay a Fare to us to ride, so, my attempts at a daytime service that would operate closer to capacity needs assistance from you Tofino. How much does your current way of moving guests really cost you?


How much will this cost you? Depends on the frequency you would like me to stop and who is paying the fare or the bulk of the fare? You or will it be your guests? That decision is up to you… there’s a price for either level of service.


As little as a couple of stops scheduled on a run each week to as many as visits to your property each day as you might like. Pay for the stops and fares could be lower… or even free if that’s what the goal is.

Start thinking about Shuttle seats like any other commodity, buy in bulk save some money. Wanting 10 trips a day and 5 days a week of Shuttle service? Now you’re starting to get the picture…


Want your guests or staff to ride for free? It really doesn’t cost that much if people pool together our resources on my community bus plan.

Don’t want to pull your maintenance man away from his real job to vanish driving some guests into town? I can fix that.

Want a trip stopping by to take guests into town for the hour before or after you have valet service? I can fix that. Let’s chat.


Let’s do something Tofino, have a Tiki day!



Get in touch with me if you would like more information

To blog or not to blog…

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The TikiBus January Saturday Special will be running on the 12th, 19th, and 26th. 4 runs a day with the first run starting at 11AM, next departure is at Noon, then at 2PM and 3PM. No need to reserve for this bus but I suggest you message us with a where you will be for pick up and we can share the bus location with you using Glympse. Also for January when there is no taxi in tofino the Saturday Special is also the Thursday and Friday Special… BY RESERVATION ONLY WHILE I TEST A SCHEDULE FOR FEB AND MARCH.

The route will be along Campbell Street/Highway 4 with deviations up Industrial Road, Mackenzie Beach Road, Abraham/Hellesen, Chesterman Beach, Jensen’s Bay, Cox Bay, then heading back into downtown Tofino deviating where needed on the way back into town.

For most up to date and recently edited Schedule information PLEASE REFER TO THE FARES/SCHEDULES tab